Women and Motorcycling

The open road is calling.

Freedom- the answer most given when a woman rider is asked- Why?

The fastest growing sport in America! Go to any motorcycle rally or HOG® event and you will see more women riding than ever before! It's definitely not a new sport. Women have been riding since the beginning of motorcycling from touring to competing in race events. And with the development of motorcycles designed with low seat heights and lighter frames, women can confidently get into the adventure of motorcycling! Check out our Getting Started page to learn how make your motorcycle adventure begin! Call Kim at Harv's Harley-Davidson®- She is one of the few woman owned Harley-Davidson® dealers and has been involved in motorcycling from riding trail bikes, racing drag bikes and touring the entire country. At Harv's Harley-Davidson®, we are here to listen and encourage you to follow your dreams!